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Wood Veneer Print Information

Specialist Wood Veneer Prints

I have developed a process of printing on wood veneers. Because each veneer possesses it's own unique quality, I am always happy to create these on an individual basis and discuss your design as well as the species and type of veneer. I work with a range of woods such as; Oak, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Olive, Zebrano, Beech, Sycamore all sourced from suppliers with FSC accreditation. Some of these are available as burr veneers or end grain veneers. Examples of each type can be seen in the product range.


End Grain Veneer Prints

Hand printed on beautiful end grain veneer, these prints all posses a unique style. Available in oak, sycamore, beech and specialist gold ink on walnut, they are quite spectacular. The tree of life design allows the rings to act as a compositonal device. Sizes cery depending on the veneere. Oak is usually just under 60 cm diameter and quite round, walnut is around 50cm and the beach and sycamore are more oval and measure aroiund 70 x 60. Framing can be done to order and I can send the veneer disc framed or unframed and discuss you specifications.

Wood Veneer Prints

Wood veneer prints are made to order but designs can be replicated. I can create the design you want and then send images for your approval.  Please look at the designs on the product page. I am happy to provide further information.

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